It’s time for News again! For all those of you who think „I don’t care about the news, I just wanna know what’s going on in Japan“ well I think about writing more often but maybe a little less text each time, but it’s kinda hard, because I am at university 6 days a week and there is not that much to write about … but I could break down the big text in some smaller but therefore more frequent texts. Let me know what you think !

I changed some stuff on the website again, most of you probably didn’t even notice, thats why I tell you :p. Fist of all, the Home button vanished, because, well … there is no need for it. If you think otherwise tell me. Second I wrote a small „About me“ section. Which consists mainly of links to my social network and photo community sites. If someone want’s to write something about me which I can publish, please do so, preferably in english, but I hate writing about myself, so its time for you to do so (if you want). Third I changed the captcha from solving „simple“ math problems to just typing the text, because some people were to lazy to calculate ;). Last but not least I changed the gallery for my Frankfurt pictures (if you haven’t seen it so far shame on you !!! and take a look now ;)). It now contains a slideshow and is linked to my flickr account, which is awesome, because it updates automatically. There will be more galleries about different types of photography  in the future, but I first need to get enough pictures for that. Some are sitting on my hard drive back in Germany, but many need to be taken first 😉

There are still a lot of things to be done, I still need to change the color of the font, so its easier readable on smartphones, I already tried it once but it didn’t work, hell knows why.

I still need a logo, and I do have some ideas of how  it should look like, but I still would be happy to get some help with putting that into practice! So please help me 😀

Another thing I would like to do is add a link page, which links to all the homepages of my friends! So of you want to be on my website let me know and send me the link and a banner (do you also say this in english?) if you have, don’t be shy! I will also feature websites which I think are great.

That’s enough blabla for now, so please let me know what you think about all of this!