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Just some thoughts….

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So I have been thinking about how to proceed with the blog and my photographs. Firstly I will try to use flickr more often to upload more highres pictures for you to look at, but first I need to think of a system to sort and organize all my photographs or else this will get really messy really quick. I started by adding some more recent photos to my Frankfurt folder on flickr, which can be found here.  Some of the other stuff is kinda old but I will try to get things in order as soon as I have time and motivation!

Secondly I really need a logo for the website and for the preview pictures when I write news like this. It’s always hard to find something that fits in here as a picture! I would really appreciate if someone could help me with this, because I kind of suck at this (I already tried and failed miserably).

Last but not least I will probably (again I HATE this word) expand the extent of the website a little more. I thought about writing some reviews on well … stuff !? No seriously  on things I find useful, I think manly but not only photo related. I also write about what was good thing to bring for traveling and what was crap, stuff like that. I am also working on a new project which will take some time to progress since I am very limited while being at university, but I will see how things progress. All I say is, that it has something to do with videos, at least kind of. Many of you may now already know what it’s about, so stay tuned.

Please let my know what you think about all of this things and leave me some comments. Thank you!

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1 comment

Tim Januar 14, 2013 - 04:37

Super Idee, vor allem das mit dem Logo! Kannst ja den Praesentationstechniken-Typ fragen wie sowas geht^^

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