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Picture of the Day 17

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I discovered this little can while walking around the local shopping center „You Me Town“. Since I enjoy some Jacky Cola from time to time I thought why not give this one a try. The can is even cheaper then in Germany, here you pay a little less then 2 €, in Germany you pay for a can of Jacky Coke around 3€  + you have to return it can to get 25 cents back! Here you can just throw it into the trash (they have a special trash for cans). Highball is one of the common forms of mixed alcohol in Japan and is very tasty most of the time. Well this one wasn’t. It tasted horrible! I was looking forward to drinking it and opened it to „celebrate“ me finding my tripod mount. But in the end I kind of had to force myself to empty the can. Image you are mixing whiskey (which doesn’t taste so great on its own, at least for me) with lots of water, thats kind of what it tasted like … disgusting. I guess I will stick with the local beer or the Chuhi’s, which is a Shochu Highball, mostly they taste like lemon, graperfruit or some other kind of fruit.

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1 comment

Marina Januar 12, 2013 - 22:26

Deshalb sollte man im Ausland aufhören, irgendwelche Erwartungen zu haben. Auch wenn die Packung anderes verspricht 😉 Find ich aber schön, dass dus trotzdem ausgetrunken hast! ^^

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