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Picture of the Day 16

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Since I couldn’t find the tripod mount for my camera, I wasn’t able to do night and long exposure shots for a while (even tough there were some great opportunities). Now I finally found it in the hood of my sweater, which I used to wrap around the tripod while moving to  Hiroshima University. To celebrate this fact today picture of the day is both, a night and a long exposure picture, which shows the view from my windows to the, what I think is the student dormitory. This image is composed out of 3 different exposures, with the longest one being 1 min 20 seconds. If you can see some lines in the night sky on the picture, those are not airplanes, but rather trails of stars due to the earth rotation. Crazy isn’t it, to see how much the earth rotates in just 1 minute. I hope I will be able to do a lot more regarding this topic, but therefore I need some time.

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1 comment

Tim Januar 11, 2013 - 21:16

Hehe sieht irgendwie aus wie in nem Videospiel^^ Bei mir werden solche Bilder immer nix… Naja hab auch nur ne Digicam und kein Stativ

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