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Picture of the Day 87

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The Cherry Blossoms are getting ready to bloom in Saijo. They are early this year, in Tokyo they are already in full boom. This shows that it finally is spring, everything is starting to bloom and its getting more and more green and it it’s getting warmer. Today was also the graduation ceremony for the people from Hiroshima University. For me it’s also time of change, next week I will move out of Saijo, because my time at university is over, I will be heading towards new adventures in Japan for one more month after this. There are a lot of Hanami parties planned by Hajime, so you will see a lot more of the cherry blossoms, once they are in full bloom 🙂

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1 comment

Tim März 25, 2013 - 21:56

Hier hats heute morgen mal wieder geschneit. Sei froh dass ihr schon Kirschblueten-Knospen habt^^ Bin gespannt auf viele Kirschbluetenfest-Bilder

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